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Object Lessons

By Sarah Todd Dances for a Small Stage 29

Vancouver’s Dances for a Small Stage 29 reviewed.


Mixed messages

By Bridget Cauthery with a trace

firstthingsfirst presents an evening of exceptional contemporary dance.


Comfort Zone Out-Grown

Hybridity and Emergence, Series 1 at Quartiers Danses By Lucy M. May Quartiers Danses

Four young dancer-choreographers dressed up and showed up as bright professionals for the first instalment of the Hybridity and Emergence series, nestled within the eleventh annual festival Quartiers Danses in Montréal.


Geographies & Dimensions

The Morrison and Von Tiedemann Series at dance: made in Canada / fait au Canada By Marie France Forcier dance: made in canada/fait au canada Various Artists

The Morrison Series and Von Tiedemann Series at dance: made in Canada/fait au Canada reviewed. Part 2.


Opposites Attract & A Mixed Bag

The Bennathan Series & WYSIWYG at dance: made in canada / fait au canada By Brittany Duggan dance: made in canada/fait au canada Various Artists

The Bennathan Series and WYSIWYG at dance: made in canada/fait au canada reviewed. Part 1.


Body Talk

Highlights from DOTE By Sarah Todd Dancing on the Edge 2013

HIghlights from Vancouver’s 25th annual Dancing on the Edge Festival.


There's an App for That!

Dancing Conspiracy Theory By Marie France Forcier Jacqueries F/ Jacob Niedzwiecki

Intriguing, clever Jacqueries is app-solutely engaging.


Taking the Plunge

Piss in the Pool By Lucy M. May Piss in the Pool Wants & Needs Danse

Wants & Needs Danse goes off the deep end with the 9th annual Piss in the Pool.


The Three Faces of Jane

By Mary Theresa Kelly we all know Jane: an evening of new dance

Ziyian Kwan, Anne Cooper, Jane Osborne and Vanessa Goodman explore “Janeness” in Vancouver.



Propeller Dance in Ottawa By Mercedes Déziel-Hupé Aqueous Propeller Dance

Propeller Dance’s Aqueous flows like water.


So Good

So Blue / Louise Lecavalier and Fou Glorieux By Kathleen Smith So Blue Festival TransAmériques 2013

The house lights are up and Lecavalier eyes her audience, attentive, unafraid but reserved, the essence of readiness.


The Malaise of Modernity

Frédérick Gravel and Étienne Lepage By Lucy M. May Ainsi Parlait Festival TransAmériques 2013

In Ainsi parlait… the performers (Daniel Parent, Marilyn Perreault, Éric Robidoux and Anne Thériault) are in charge of it all, and also, in total crisis.


Sound and Fury

Ginette Laurin / O Vertigo By Kathleen Smith Khaos Festival TransAmériques 2013

Ginette Laurin’s Khaos at FTA is highly organized and anything but chaotic.


Crossed-Wire Chorus

Ame Henderson / Public Recordings By Lucy M. May What We Are Saying Festival TransAmériques 2013

In What We Are Saying (WWAS), Ame Henderson and her collaborators attempt to share their “desire to invent new ways of being together.”

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