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On Newsstands

Our list of newsstand retailers (as of February 2013). We recommend calling any store, especially Chapters, Indigos or Multi Mags Montréal, to confirm that The Dance Current is in stock.
Single copies can also be purchased online here
In addition to the retailers listed below, you can find us at newsstands near you using MagFinder by searching “dance current”. 
Retailer Province City Postal Code
Broken Books NL St. John’s  A1C 1G3
Island Treasures NL Corner Brook A2H 6L8
Atlantic News NS Halifax B3J 1C2
Chapters - Halifax NS Halifax B3S 1C5
Chapters - Moncton NB Dieppe E1A 6S5
JMC Moncton Reads NB Moncton E1C 1G9
Reads Newsstand - Fredericton NB Fredericton E3B 5E1
Tabagie du Boulevard QC Trois-Rivieres G8Y 4R2
Multi Mags QC Montreal H2J 1W9
Multi Mags QC Montreal H2J 1Z5
Multi Mags QC Montreal H2S 3C9
Indigo - Montreal QC Montreal H3A 3J5
Mediaphile QC Montreal H3H 1M3
Multi Mags QC Pointe-Claire H9R 3J1
Chapters - Pointe-Claire QC Pointe-Claire H9R 5A5
Chapters - Gloucester ON  Gloucester K1J 1G4
Chapters - Rideau ON Ottawa K1N 5W8
Glebe Smoke Shop ON Ottawa K1S 3W1
Chapters - South Keys ON Ottawa K1V 1J5
Chapters - Pinecrest ON  Ottawa K2C 3Z7
Mags & Fags Inc ON Ottawa K2P 1L9
Chapters - Kanata ON  Kanata K2T 1B9
Chapters - Kingston ON Kingston K7M 3G4
Chapters - Peterborough ON  Peterborough K9J 1Z5
Furby House Books ON Port Hope L1A 1N2
Chapters - Oshawa ON  Oshawa L1J 2K5
Disticor Direct: most Chapters and Indigos ON Ajax L1S 6M9
Smokers Corner ON Pickering L1V 1B8
Chapters - Ajax ON  Ajax L1Z 1G1
Chapters - St. Catharines ON  St. Catharines L2N 2G1
Christopher’s Smoke Shop ON  St. Catharines L2R 5B8
Chapters - Markham ON Markham L3R 0T9
Chapters - Newmarket ON Newmarket L3Y 6Y9
Chapters - Woodbridge ON Woodbridge L4L 1A6
Chapters - Barrie ON  Barrie L4N 8V4
Library ON  Mississauga L5B 3Y3
Chapters - Square One ON  Mississauga L5L 4C1
Chapters - Vega Blvd ON Mississauga L5L 5X8
Indigo - Erin Mills ON  Mississauga L5M 0R7
Chapters - Oakville ON  Oakville L6M 2R7
Chapters - Brampton ON  Brampton L6V 4K2
Chapters - Burlington ON  Burlington L7N 3N9
Indigo - Burlington ON  Burlington L7P 1X8
Idigo - Stoney Creek ON  Stoney Creek L8J 0B4
Chapters - Ancaster ON  Ancaster L9K 1L9
Indigo - Milton ON Milton L9T 6C8
Chapters - Scarborough ON  Scarborough M1P 5B7
Chapters - Bayview ON  North York M2K 1E6
Presse Internationale -Beach ON Toronto M4E 1C9
Book City #3 - Danforth ON Toronto M4K 1N8
Book City #4 - Queen ON Toronto M4L 1H6
Indigo - Yonge & Eglinton ON  Toronto M4P 1E4
Book City #6 - St Clair ON Toronto M4T 1Y6
Indigo - Bay & Bloor ON  Toronto M4W 1A5
509 Dancewear ON Toronto M4X 1P3
Shoe Room (The) ON Toronto M4Y 2G6
Indigo - Eaton Centre ON  Toronto M5B 2H1
Presse Internationale #1 -Bloor ON Toronto M5S 1Y5
International News - Richmond St. ON Toronto M5V 3S6
Indigo - Yorkdale ON  Toronto M6A 2T9
Type Books - Main Account ON Toronto M6J 1G5
Another Story ON Toronto M6R 2M6
Book City in the Village ON Toronto M6S 1P3
Chapters - Queensway ON Etobicoke M9C 5H5
Chapters - Guelph ON Guelph N1G 2X6
Bookshelf (The) ON Guelph N1H 2T1
Chapters - Waterloo ON  Waterloo N2J 2Z6
Words Worth Books ON Waterloo N2J 1P5
Broadway Tobacconist & Magazine ON Tillsonburg N4G 3P7
Chapters - North London ON  London N5X 4C5
Chapters - South London ON  London N6E 1W4
Chapters - Windsor ON  Windsor N8X 3Y8
Ray & Kim’s Super Convenience ON Windsor N9A 1A6
Chapters - Sudbury ON Sudbury P3A 4R7
Chapters - Thunder Bay ON Thunder Bay P7B 3Z7
Chapters - St. Vital MB Winnipeg R2M 5E5
Dominion News & Gifts MB Winnipeg R3C 0B6
Chapters - Polo Festival MB  Winnipeg R3G 3P6
McNally Robinson Booksellers (WG) MB Winnipeg R3M 2A6
Indigo - Winnipeg MB  Winnipeg R3P 0Y4
Chapters - Southland SK Regina S4S 6H7
McNally Robinson Booksellers (SK) SK Saskatoon S7H 0W2
Indigo - Saskatoon SK Saskatoon S7H 0W4
Club Cigar AB Lethbridge T1J 2B4
Chapters - Lethbridge AB Lethbridge T1J 4V7
Chapters - Spectrum AB  Calgary T1Y 7J6
Chapters - Chinook  AB Calgary T2H 0K9
Daily Globe News AB Calgary T2T 0A5
Chapters - Gateway AB Calgary T2Y 3S5
Indigo - Shepard Ctr AB Calgary T2Z 0G4
Chapters - Dalhousie AB Calgary T3A 5R8
Chapters - Crowfoot AB  Calgary T3G 4J8
Indigo - Crossiron Mills AB Calgary T4A 0G3
Chapters - Red Deer AB  Red Deer T4R 2T4
Indigo - Edmonton AB  Edmonton T5E 6C2
Chapters - West Side AB  Edmonton T5T 6G7
Chapters - Strathcona AB  Edmonton T6E 2A4
Chapters - Southpoint AB  Edmonton T6W 1A1
Chapters - Sherwood AB Sherwood Park T8A 3H9
Chapters - St Albert AB  St. Albert T8N 6T9
Mountainberry Foods BC New Denver V0G 1S0
Pages Book Emporium BC Cranbrook V1C 1A6
Otter Books BC Nelson V1L 4H8
Chapters - Kelowna BC Kelowna V1Y 6H2
Chapters - Kamloops BC  Kamloops V2E 2R7
Spruceland News BC Prince George V2K 3A4
Chapters - Langley BC BC  Langley V3A 8R6
Indigo - White Rock Grandview Co BC Surrey V3S 0M6
Chapters - Metrotown BC BC Burnaby V5H 4M1
Mayfair News BC Vancouver V6J 1W6
Chapters - Granville BC  Vancouver V6J 3G7
Capilano College Bookstore BC North Vancouver V7J 3H5
Indigo - Marine Drive BC North Vancouver V7P 1S6
Misty River Books BC Terrace V8G 1T2
Tanners Bookstore BC Sidney V8L 2P6
Bolen Books BC Victoria V8T 2C5
Munro’s Bookstore Ltd BC Victoria V8W 1Y2
Chapters - Victoria BC BC Victoria V8W 2E5
Chapters - Nanaimo BC Nanaimo V9V 1T7
Mac’s Fireweed Books YK Whitehorse Y1A 2B2