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Jillian Groening

Jillian Groening

Engagement Editor

Jillian Groening is a Winnipeg-based writer, dancer, and performer. Her work has been published
in The Dance Current, Dance International, Format, The Uniter, Noisey, and more. She has been
fortunate to discuss, learn, and grow while working as a written essayist for Young Lungs Dance
Exchange’s Research Series and has received guidance and training while taking part in a
Focussed Mentorship with Jeanne Randolph through MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women’s
Art). Groening has performed with Jolene Bailie and Gearshifting Performance Works, Marie-
Josée Chartier, Pablo Bronstein through Rosalie Wahlfrid and Plug In ICA, as well as presenting
her own work. She holds a BA(Hons) in dance from the School of Contemporary Dancers in
affiliation with the University of Winnipeg. 
Groening was an intern with The Dance Current from September 2014 to December 2016 before
becoming Editorial and Production Manager. She is thrilled to be the Engagement Editor for the

Jillian Groening's Work


From Stage to Screen By Jillian Groening

Roberto Campanella, choreographer for the award-winning The Shape of Water, discusses movie magic, collaboration and choreographing for film.

On the Ground

Strike A Pose

By Jillian Groening

Ralph Escamillan and Gerard X Reyes talk about their work in keeping vogue communities intergenerational.


Strike A Pose By Jillian Groening

Keeping vogue communities intergenerational


Cross-Canada Check In By Jillian Groening

Dancers from across the country share their goals for 2018

A Driving Force

By Jillian Groening

Dancer and choreographer Casimiro Nhussi is a pioneer of contemporary African dance in Canada. Writer Jillian Groening details his journey from his Makonde community, to New York City, to Winnipeg – where he established NAfro Dance Productions in 2002.


Reflections from Karen Kain

As The National Ballet of Canada prepares for their international tour, Karen Kain reflects on her twelfth year as artistic director.


Video Feedback By Jillian Groening

How DIY screen dance is changing the way we create

Healing as Performative Practice

By Jillian Groening

The Young Lungs Dance Exchange Research Series in Winnipeg, featuring Jaime Black, Brenda McLean and Kristy Janvier, focuses on exploration and idea generation. Photographer Leif Norman and writer Jillian Groening collected fragments of this shared creative ground.


Wake explores the isolation created by technology and how we can rebuild and reconnect with the people around us.


The Tools of the Trade By Jillian Groening

Dancers from across Canada share what makes some of their favourite local dance stores so memorable.

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