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Emma Doran / Photo by John Carvalho

Emma Doran

Editor (interim)

Emma Doran is a Toronto-based writer, editor and researcher. She recently finished a postdoctoral fellowship at the Modern Literature and Culture Centre at Ryerson University, where she researched the origins of dance criticism in popular periodicals. Before embarking on this research, Doran studied at Winnipeg’s School of Contemporary Dancers, completed an MA in dance at York University and a PhD in communicationand culture through Ryerson and York universities. She also worked at Dance Collection Danse and has been a contributor to The Dance Current for over a decade. 

Emma Doran's Work


By Emma Doran

From Our Archives

Iteration as Adaptation By Emma Doran

Thoughts on the vanishing point and archiving dance


By Emma Doran


By Emma Doran


Carrying a Collective Burden

Michael Greyeyes and Yvette Nolan’s Bearing By Emma Doran

Bearing is a dance opera co-created by Yvette Nolan, Michael Greyeyes and a cast of dancers, actors, singers and musicians, that will become a vital piece of Canadian theatre. Working with the idea that every Canadian has been in some way impacted by the disgraceful legacy of residential schools, the work is meant to encourage a collective carrying of the burden of this ugly and still present history. Bearing is a high concept work that offers a new model for catharsis via theatrical embodiment.

Dancer's Kitchen

Emma's Brunch Bean Patty By Emma Doran

The Dance Current’s new interim editor, Emma Doran, shares a delicious, lovingly borrowed breakfast recipe


Moving Others

The relationship between audience engagement and attendance By Emma Doran

Most dance artists and presenters must negotiate the tension between creating work that meets their artistic goals, that is accessible to their community and that provides the fiscal support required to live as an artist and to run a company. Emma Doran speaks with artists, organizations and presenters across the country to discuss who they envision their audience, how they are seeking to reach those individuals and what constitutes meaningful engagement with them.

Moving Others

By Emma Doran

The relationship between audience engagement and attendance.

Beyond Bodies

Special feature on interdisciplinarity: Part 3 By Emma Doran

Thoughts on dismantling disciplines and other open questions


The Inertia of a Heavy Heart

DA Hoskins By Emma Doran Jackie Burroughs is Dead (and what are you going to do about it?)

Heavy-hearted, but not without curiosity, Hoskins’ choreography in this work is captive to gravity, and the dancers (purposefully) crumple under its inertia.

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