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Elise Tigges

Elise Tigges


Elise grew up in Vancouver, BC and trained in ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance. Upon graduating high school, she moved to Toronto to continue her training with George Brown Dance, and has since completed summer programs with Ballet Jörgen Canada and the Goh Ballet Academy. She graduated from the Dance Performance Preparation program in 2015, and is currently working towards finishing the Dance Studies program at George Brown College.

Elise Tigges' Work


Tracing Blackness By Elise Tigges

Mpoe Mogale on the weight of representation

STEM From Dance

STEM From Dance is a non-profit organization that combines dance and STEM to empower young girls and encourage them to pursue this predominately male field. It gives young women in low-income communities the opportunity to learn coding and discover a unique form of creativity.

Peter Kelly / Photo by Shakeil Rollock
On the Ground

Dancing with Emotion: Q & A with Peter Kelly

By Elise Tigges

Only two years out of the dance program at George Brown College (GBC) in Toronto, Peter Kelly has already found a growing place for himself in the Toronto dance community.


Dancing with Emotion: Peter Kelly By Elise Tigges

Emerging dancer and choreographer Peter Kelly


Collaborative Practice

Assemblée Internationale 2017 took place this year from April 30 through May 6 at Canada’s National Ballet School. This international event takes place every four years and brings together training schools from all over the world to collaborate, learn and create.


Participation By Elise Tigges

A celebratory cross-country dance initiative


Remembering Dorothy Rossetti

Dorothy Rossetti was a significant figure in Montréal’s dance community with her dance store Rossetti de Montréal and generous nature.