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Exploring the Manic, the Dark and the Wild

Prairie Dance Circuit has become a highly anticipated annual event on the Prairies, featuring dance and other media artists from Western Canada on a tour across the plains to Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. By Amanda Bereska


Atlantic Flamenco Festival 2015

Company rehearsals for SUBLIME

A glimpse into how a Canadian artist is making the Spanish art form her own.


The Final Curtain

September 2, 2015 was a sad day for Canada’s dance community and a sign of bleak times in a shifting economy as world-renowned company La La La Human Steps founder and Artistic Director Édouard Lock had no choice but to cease operations due to a lack of financial support.


Writers & Readers

My artistic trajectory has always been fueled by a persistent curiosity for rethinking flamenco’s place within the world of dance. Or possibly just trying to understand flamenco’s place within the world of dance, especially within the Canadian landscape. And then I recently had a eureka moment. By Rosanna Terracciano


On the Ground

In these first weeks of September, dance studios across the country are embarking on the beginning of a new dance season. The Dance Current was on the ground at the inaugural Toronto Dance Teacher Expo in August to ask participants, “What advice would you give to dance instructors embarking on their career?”


#CanadaDances - International Dance Day 2015 Photo/Video contest

Dancers across Canada posted their photos and videos on social media for International Dance Day on April 29.


Alterity Problem's Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds

Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds

The September/October 2015 print article “Performing and Forming: Choreocinema in the media art of Emily Pelstring” discusses the technology and methods Pelstring used to create Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds. The footage she created was edited together as a music video for Alterity Problem’s (Alex Moskos and Joel Taylor) composition of the same name.



At the heart of Pluton (French for Pluto) is something quite unique. If the former planet Pluto is now an allegorical term for being ruled out, these here are dance artists who are not okay with being forgotten about – they are speaking up. By Philip Szporer


End of Summer Dance Awards

Canadians collect awards from SummerWorks Festival in Toronto, The School of Dance in Ottawa, the World Highland Dance Championships, dance: made in canada/fait au Canada festival, CNE’s Rising Star Talent Competition, Canada Council for the Arts and more.


Is Everyone a Critic?

This past spring, tensions simmered in the Toronto dance community between artists and critics in the mainstream media. In this feature article from the July/August 2015 issue, Kathleen Smith has undertaken to investigate the issues that arose – exploring the history, the central issues, the problems and the questions that characterize the discourse today. By Kathleen Smith


Emerging with Resilience

Emerging dancers, like their peers in other arts sectors, require determination, ingenuity and discipline. Graduates today seem better equipped to deal with the realities of a career in dance, but they require a strong professional network and community in order to persist. Easing the transition has become a goal for a number of service organizations, while grassroots initiatives and collectives provide spaces of creation and exploration, as well as mentorship opportunities, that keep them dancing. By Kate Morris