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Van Grimde Corps Secrets

Multimedia experimentation is the driving force behind Symphonie 5.1, a platform for applying video projections as a light source, working to reveal dancers’ bodies, or a sense of them, rather than showing other pre-recorded images alongside them. By Philip Szporer


Training Expansion

Keeping up with the fast-paced evolutions in today’s dance landscape, the School of Alberta Ballet has announced an extra program to its training system.


CPA [Consistent Partial Attention]

CPA (Consistent Partial Attention) - performance trailer

CPA presents digital dances for the camera that are expressions of the contemporary self and that are used in the construction and representation of the self in the digital community.


Liquid Leading

The rules of ballroom dance have been evolving since day one. But, according to Burlington-based dancer and actor Trevor Copp, they’ve still a ways to go to before reflecting our current contemporary society. By Lori Straus


Win Two Tickets to Julia Sasso's Sporting Life

Enter for your chance to win two tickets to choreographer Julia Sasso’s Dora nominated work Sporting Life (DW 214).


What's In Your Dancebag?

Soprano Neema Bickersteth, creator and performer of Century Song, has a dancebag full of items to help her with her ambitious one-woman performance.


The Future Dancers of Canada

A look at the next generation of dancers through performance images of professional and degree-granting programs from across the country.



Badke: KVS/les ballets C de la B/A.M. Qattan Foundation (c) Zaina Zarour

Badke is a distortion of dabke, the Palestinian folk dance. It brings together a group of Palestinian dancers who have taken daily risks in the pursuit of their craft.


Rock Dance Returns

monumental by The Holy Body Tattoo was a major highlight at this year’s PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. It grapples with contemporary themes such as the anxiety of urban life – modern society’s persisting anxiety – and an increasing interaction and dependence with technology. And though not narrative, the social and political threads root the work, making it relevant and relatable. By Brittany Duggan


Copyright in Class

Dance classes marketed with pop icons’ names have been skyrocketing in popularity around Toronto; however, this prompts conversation around intellectual property and copyright in dance.


Student Reporter Project 2015/16

We are incredibly fortunate to have access and bear witness to burgeoning inclusive dance programs and practices in this country and here in the Capital. By Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson


Healthy Dancer

A filling vegetarian dish in a flavourful curry sauce – perfect for warming up and replenishing your body after a winter workout By Sarah Fregeau


Exclusion in Inclusion

There are many current programs and incentives aimed to encourage boys and men to dance, but how do they affect the girls and women with whom the male dancers train and perform? Carolyn Hebert examines the implications of such policies on both male and female dancers, as well as the dance world more broadly. She examines the consequences of the use of gendered language of athleticism as a way to make dance appear more masculine. Using her own research amongst adolescent dancer in a competitive studio, she highlights how costume, choreography and teaching practice often prioritize boys’ experience at the expense of the girls. By Carolyn Hebert


Win Two Tickets to Crystal Pite's Betroffenheit

Enter for your chance to win two tickets to Dance Victoria’s presentation of Betroffenheit.