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Soif, extrait/excerpt (2014)

Ginette Laurin premieres new work, Soif, for O Vertigo’s thirtieth anniversary.


Festival Roundup

By Eury Chang


Marvels Abound at 2014 Scotiabank BuskerFest

The streets of downtown Toronto come alive during the Scotiabank BuskerFest, August 21-24, with daredevil stunts, fire manipulations, acrobatics, aerial, magic, contortion, dance and mime, and some acts that simply defy categorization.


360 Dance

The way in which dance can exist at the intersection of art and technology can be directly linked to the early work of Thomas Edison, the Lumière brothers and many of their confreres. In Canada, the Montréal-based husband and wife team of filmmaker Denis Poulin and choreographer Martine Époque have been radically recomposing and altering human movement, creating a body of performance that can only exist in virtual form. By Philip Szporer


Paul-André Fortier and Margie Gillis become Officers of the Order of Canada

Montréal’s Paul-André Fortier and Margie Gillis received their insignia as Officers of the Order of Canada on September 12.



Dance and dancers were all over this August’s two-week SummerWorks Festival in Toronto – yet they weren’t only dancing. Within the festival framework, the sensibilities of these artists, their respective positions concerning tradition, technology, engagement and cross-disciplinary collaboration, became highlighted in a provocative and energetic way. By Kathleen Smith


Indian Dance in the Cloud

Classical Indian dance pioneer Menaka Thakkar uses the Internet to bring India and Canada closer together through virtual performances and classes streamed live.


Swing ConneXion

CSC 2013  Amateur Teams - Balboa Connexion

Montréal’s Balboa ConneXion and their winning routine in the amateur category at the Canadian Swing Championships 2013.


Writers & Readers

In July, fifteen-year-old Goh Ballet Academy student Michelle Khoo travelled to Europe for the first time to participate in the Wien Welt Wettbewerb competition. Before she left for Austria, we asked Michelle to keep a diary about her experiences to share with our younger readers. By Michelle Khoo


Zouk Alors! A Look at the Popular Brazilian Social Dance

In early August, Toronto played host to the Zouk Exchange, welcoming dance participants and aspirants from all over the world. The Exchange featured social dance events, historical seminars on the form and a competition, but internal pressures within the community have led the organizers to announce the end of the formal event. We stop to ask: what is zouk and where did it come from? By Naushad Ali Husein


In Conversation: Brazilian Dance in a Canadian Context

In the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup of soccer in Brazil, our editor, Kate Morris, sat down with two Toronto-based dancer-choreographers to discuss Brazilian dance – what they discovered was just how polyvalent and multifaceted Brazil and its dance can be. By Kate Morris


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