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Moving Bodies

It is perhaps the presence of the body – and a desire to express one’s self through and from the body – that continues to define dance as an art form. By Helen Simard


Canadian Dance Recognized At Home and Abroad

A list of Canadian artists recently recognized for their dance work.


Exposed Nerves

Exposed Nerves Trailer

The short film Exposed Nerves by Winnipeg’s Madison Thomas is featured in this year’s imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival and looks at the joy expressed through one woman’s dance in contrast to her life with bipolar disorder.


The Leap: Bold Moments in Time

Strong Albertan ties was the common denominator for the ten choreographers selected by Dancers’ Studio West to present work as part of the Annual Alberta Dance Festival. Bold moments in time was the broad thematic glue binding their works into a couple of distinct programs. By Marie France Forcier


What's In Your Dancebag?

Arts administrator and member of Dancing Monkey Laboratories


All-Access Passes to the En Avant Dance Teacher Conference Courtesy of Royal Academy of Dance Canada

Enter for your chance to win all-access passes for you and a friend to the En Avant Dance Teacher Conference – August 20-23 in Toronto.


Pursuing Pauses with Patience at Angikam Seminar

Patience might be the last word that many kathak dancers think of when either practising or preparing for a show. After all, for the most part, kathak is known these days for fast, stomping footwork and pirouettes that leave the audience dizzy in their seats. But for Nahid Siddiqui, one of the foremost proponents of kathak today, patience is the key to unlocking the potential – of both the form and the dancer.


Creature at In Situ Festival


Mississauga-based artist Colleen Snell is known for her highly theatrical and site-specific dance work, and her newest creation, Creature, will be no exception.


On the Ground

Compagnie Marie Chouinard dancer Scott McCabe takes us on tour with him, from packing to airports, through amazing as well underwhelming experiences. By Scott McCabe


Supporting Health in Dance

The focus of the weekend event was on safe and healthy dance education. Topics ranged from dance in the curriculum for school children to teaching ballroom dance to elderly people.


Call of the Wild

Daina Ashbee, a Montréal-based dance artist with Cree Métis and Dutch heritage, shifts her compass northward, beyond the treeline, to awaken an essential part of her emotional fabric, embodiment and essence with Pour. By Philip Szporer


What's In Your Dancebag?

Michael Caldwell, choreographer, dancer and artistic producer of Fall for Dance North in Toronto.


Dressing The Moving Body

Canadian costume designers discuss the inspiration behind their work and the elusive synergy behind creative collaboration.