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The Great Farini Project

Hand to hand with Farini and Blondin in The Great Farini Project

Dancers Brian Solomon and Brendan Wyatt star as The Great Farini and The Great Blondin, two rivals in the world of circus performance, in Sharon B. Moore’s The Great Farini Project.


TDC on the Ground

Dee Kearney writes about her experience interning at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival this summer. By Deanne Kearney



Frankie, the newest and youngest member of an exciting contemporary dance company, lives in fear and dread. At work he’s mocked by the choreographer and told to “dance like a man.” Outside of work the city offers no relief: a newspaper headline asks “Should Gays Be Quarantined?” and fresh graffiti screams “AIDS Faggot Die!” The year is 1985, the place San Francisco, and the epidemic has just begun. With his bright yellow Walkman clipped on his belt, Frankie retreats into a music-filled trance. By Kate Morris


In Conversation: Brazilian Dance in a Canadian Context

In the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup of soccer in Brazil, our editor, Kate Morris, sat down with two Toronto-based dancer-choreographers to discuss Brazilian dance – what they discovered was just how polyvalent and multifaceted Brazil and its dance can be. By Kate Morris


François Barbeau: The Dior of Costume Designers

Renowned for his work with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and Cirque du Soleil, veteran costume designer François Barbeau launches an exhibition to showcase his lifelong work at the Centre de l’exposition de l’Université de Montréal, May 25-December 7.


Slow Words Dancing

Enter to win your own copy of Patricia Beatty’s book of poetry, Slow Words Dancing. Beatty is one of the co-founders of Toronto Dance Theatre and this book of poetry collects her dance experiences as well as her unique attention to the details of everyday life.


On Your Mark

Former ballet dancer Rex Harrington and his partner, Bob Hope, compete in season two of the Amazing Race Canada, currently airing on CTV. By Sky Fairchild-Waller, Kate Morris


Alberta Ballet II dancers announced

On June 30, the School of Alberta Ballet officially launched its newest education and outreach program, Alberta Ballet II, with eight dancers being announced.


Swinging the night away at Dancing on the Pier

Dancing on the Pier, which takes place every Thursday night from June 26 to September 4 at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, is a high-energy evening full of live music and huge gatherings of dancers and non-dancers alike.


Peggy Baker’s Gallery: Considering land | body | breath at the Art Gallery of Ontario

In May 2014, Peggy Baker’s land | body | breath was performed in the Thomson Collection galleries of the Art Gallery of Ontario. Reviewer Ben Portis contextualizes the work, by considering Baker’s extensive performance history at the gallery. By Ben Portis


Propeller Dance is Drifting Up

Propeller Dance: Compilation from Drifting Up

Drifting Up by Renata Soutter is one of four works that make up Aqueous by Propeller Dance, a company that specializes in integrated dance and inclusive training.


360 Dance

Philip Szporer discusses A Good Madness – The Dance of Rachel Browne, a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Danielle Sturk. By Philip Szporer