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Guild Park and Gardens

Alias Dance Project 2015 - Guild Park and Gardens

Alias Dance Project takes risks with new dancefilm.


Reading Writing Dancing: Emerging Dance Critics Programme

The Winter’s Tale is considered one of William Shakespeare’s problem plays, richer in texture than in vibrancy. By Matthew Pariselli


Weaving the Threads of Collaboration: Ten Years of The Whole Shebang

Through Dreamwalker Dance Company, eight editions of The Whole Shebang have been produced in Toronto. And while Andrea Nann continues to work as a dancer, creator and teacher in a variety of contexts, this ever-evolving production has become her company’s signature event. By Molly Johnson


An Expanding Discussion: Copyright and Heritage in Dance

On October 2, 2015, lawyers, arts advocates and performing arts professionals gathered at the dance pavilion of the University of Québec in Montréal for a focus day on copyright and dance heritage, hosted by the Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, to discuss a wide range of pertinent legal and ethical questions surrounding dance creation and ownership.


The Future Dancers of Canada

A look at the next generation of dancers through performance images of professional and degree-granting programs from across the country.


Calm Amid the Chaos

The world premiere is in two days. Kramer listens carefully as her collaborators troubleshoot. Like her work, she is focussed, intuitive, and highly perceptive. A seasoned choreographer with five full-length works, a slew of residencies, and a company under her name, Kramer gracefully brings the discussion to a resolution. There is still more work to be done. By Victoria Mohr-Blakeney


When Love Was Pink

Zoja Smutny’s Rosé Porn is the culmination her two-year residency at Dancemakers. In it, Smutny reshapes the performance space as an arena of possibility and potential, rather than a platform for the delivery of entertaining product. By Mark Mann


Rhythm & Motion Dance Studio Celebrates Twenty

Rhythm & Motion Dance Studio - Toronto

Rhythm & Motion Dance Studio celebrates its twentieth anniversary on November 28.


Reading Writing Dancing: Emerging Dance Critics Programme

When Christopher Wheeldon debuted his adaptation of The Winter’s Tale with The Royal Ballet at Covent Garden in April 2014, the story was untouched by classical ballet. By Anne Cass


Permission to View Freely

entrances and exits by TOES for Dance showcased a diverse range of what one might expect to see under the catch-all term contemporary dance with eleven individual dance pieces on the bill. By Sarah Lochhead


CCDT Soars in New York City

On October 24, Toronto youth dance company Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT) performed José Limon’s The Winged at an international festival in his honour presented as part of the Limón Dance Company’s seventieth anniversary season. CCDT’s dancers were the youngest to perform at the festival, further cementing the connection between the company and Limón’s legacy.


Poetry in Motion

Enter to win Ian Ferrier’s poetry books Coming and Going and Bear Dreams as featured in our September/October column “Check it Out.”